42 – Birth of NEW Ukraine


Few words from Alexandr ONISHENKO about the painting:

“I was so full of emotions last night. I had to make an artistic statement, otherwise I would explode.

The main symbols:
The square is like a long-awaited portal to the New. The New that is now happening to all of humanity, and Ukraine was chosen to be the first to go through it with the sacrifice of war.
The war of the old world that, standing on its last legs, is using lies and deception, against the New and Bright, that shows us how we can unite and become one whole, one nation, when fear no longer has power over logic.

Malevich’s Black Square – and, at the same time, the knowledge of the black square found in old monastic writings – is the beginning of everything.

The fields that will give birth to wheat again, as from the times before Orthodoxy, symbolize life, and the borderless heaven symbolize the will and the freedom.”

  • Alexandr Onishenko ,
  • 2022
  • Sold
  • Painting
  • Oil on black canvas
  • 42/ 1169
  • 190 X 95 cm / 74 x 37 inches

190 X 95 cm / 74 x 37 inches

244 cm.

42 – Birth of NEW Ukraine

190 X 95 cm / 74 x 37 inches