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Mission and History

New epoch of Gallery “Jakubská”

In 2020 Gallery “Jakubská” entered a new epoch in the heart of the magical Lesser Town in the Hartigovsky palace

Gallery “Jakubská” was established in 1994 in the common, but unusual apartment in Prague. In the 19th century, it used to be a shoe shop and Alexander Onishenko decided to restore its history, but with his paintings of new impressionism. He and his clients were inspired by this place for more than 25 years, however, the time has come to expand. This is how the new development stage for Gallery “Jakubská” started. 

The Hartigovsky (also called Veznikovsky, Salmonsky, or Selmberkovsky) palace has its own exclusive story. Originally, a medieval burgher house was rebuilt in the late Gothic style between 1485 and 1495 and in the Renaissance style before 1580. Can you imagine how long this building has existed? It has a unique and deep atmosphere. Famous owners and noted architects lived and worked here. Therefore, the building of the palace unites Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque styles.

Lately in history, the palace served as a German embassy and almost for ten years as a residence for Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk, politician, statesman, sociologist, philosopher, and the first president of Czechoslovakia, which he co-founded together with Milan Rastislav Štefánik and Edvard Beneš. Can you believe that “President Liberator (in Czech: Prezident Osvoboditel) lived here?

For 30 years Hartigovsky palace was privately owned and now became a new home for works of the only Czech new impressionist – Alexander Onishenko. It is a place to admire, inspire and be close for some time to the paintings with Secrets of Black Canvas. 

Our artists

Alexandr Onishenko
Painter, Founder / Czech Republic
Vitalina Forostovets
Painter / Ukraine
László Kutas
Sculptor / Hungary

Mission and History

244 cm.