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Does Gallery Jakubská provides framing services?

All of the original artworks offered by Galerie Jakubska are framed with a simple black frame.

Does VAT include in the price?

VAT is included in the price of your artworks, which is 21 % in Czech Republic. In case your purchased artwork will be shipped to non-EU countries the price will be deducted by the
percentage listed above.

Do I pay TAX when import artwork to USA?

The USA has 0% MFN duty; sales tax payable depends on the state (also operates on sales
between states) there can be a merchandise processing fee.

Is a certificate of authenticity provided?

All artworks for sale with a certificate of authenticity. Furthermore, all editions (photographs, prints etc.) are numbered and signed by the artist.

Can I pay in installments?

Of course! Contast us to find out more :

How do I install my art?

Try to hang paintings so that the focal point of the painting is at eye level. This means that if your painting has one big element – that needs to be at eye level. Ensure that you have some ‘viewing distance’ for a painting. You need to be able to stand a few feet away (2-5 feet) and appreciate the painting in its entirety. For canvas paintings, a great way to illuminate the depth and beauty of the painting is to install some spot lighting on it.

How can I see the artwork on my wall?

Find an empty wall in your home. Take a photo of the space (the higher the resolution the better!) with A4 piece of paper taped to it. (We use the paper to properly scale the painting to your space)
Just let us know which piece(s) you’re interested in, send us the picture of your wall and we will digitally “hang” the piece(s) in place. You no longer need to imagine, you’ll be able to see
exactly how the piece(s) will look on our wall!

Wanna Quick Support?

We are always here to help the needy peoples any where in the universe please send us your problematic questions.



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