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Litography Exhibition of Vasil Yudin & Misha Zavalniy

17 Nov 2012 - 30 Dec 2012

Vasil Yudin:

1956 Born in Monino, Russia.
1981 Graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architectures in Kiev.

Since 1994 Has been a member of The Ukrainian National Association of Artists.
Lives and Works in Chernigov, Ukraine.
Professor of drawing at the Chernigov School of Fine Arts.
Artist uses diverse printmaking techniques as Lithography and Etching.

Participates in exhibitions and projects in Ukraine and foreign countries.


Misha Zavalniy:

1985 Born in Kiev, Ukraine.

2008 Graduated from the Institute of Poligraphy ,,KPI‘‘

Graphic Designer and Artist specializing in Etching, Monotype and Litography.

Has participated in numerous art exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad.

  • Date: 17 Nov 2012 - 30 Dec 2012
  • Location:Prague