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“TOWARDS MOKSHA” by Arshi Ahmed

01 Jun 2012 - 15 Jun 2012

Galerie Jakubská is proud to host a solo exhibition “TOWARDS MOKSHA” by Arshi Ahmed
presented by the Indian Embassy Prague in cooperation with Indian Council for Cultural Relations New Delhi.

The exhibition will run from 1. 6 – 15. 6. 2012
Monday till Saturday 10:00 – 18:00

About the Artist:
Arshi Ahmed is a gift to the world of Art. Her passion became her mission and she became synonym for Art as she decided to take Art as her profession. She joined the American Art School of Cairo in Egypt to advance her art skills and make a mark with her creativity. There was no looking back after that as she held several solo and group exhibitions in India and abroad and became a distinguished name in the world of Art. Her vision sets her on a different platform from the rest.

About the Paintings:
“Towards Moksha” displays around 27 paintings by Arshi Ahmed, portraying the path of meditation which leads way towards eternal peace, Moksha. Moksha is the release from the endless cycle of reincarnation. A spiritual being, Arshi believes that God is one and all human beings should stay united by eradicating differences based on religion and caste. The circles on her paintings depict the circle of life – ultimately we reach where we begin from. Life is an unending journey, where every person is in search of satisfaction and happiness and the end of all the desires is Moksha.
Along with the paintings, on display are two installations, one musical installation called “Sadhna,” which means devotion. Music is a beautiful form of art and this installation portrays a relationship between music and colours. It is a symphony through which Arshi Ahmed has conceptualised and organized an evocative relation between the two art forms. She has painted life size musical instruments like Guitars and drums.
The second installation, “Unending Journey,“ is a journey on clouds, which displays photographs of various shades of clouds, again depicting the journey of life.
“In the extremely competetive scenario today, it is essential to find peace and solace. Art is a healer of the soul and I hope my exhibition work will turn out to be a stress buster by providing the much needed relief,” says Arshi Ahmed about her work.
“I feel like a wonderer on the long pilgrimage of life, always searching for fulfillment. Art is the only medium which provides me the liberty to express my thirst for perfection. My feelings, fears, hopes, and desires have one common destination, called art. For me, Art is similar to a partner with whom I am in a relationship full of love and trust,” says the artist.

She has recently exhibited her collections titled “Towards Moksha” at the esteemed ICCR, New Delhi, The Nehru Centre, London and The Cultural Wing Embassy of India, Berlin. Her artworks are displayed at several Private and Government Galleries in India and Abroad. For more information, visit her webpage:

31st May: Opening Ceremony

  • Date: 01 Jun 2012 - 15 Jun 2012
  • Location:Prague

“TOWARDS MOKSHA” by Arshi Ahmed

244 cm.